Sheshan National Tourism Park

Some ten kilometers north of greater Shanghai’s Songjiang district there is a mountain.

Well, actually, it’s a couple of good-sized hills, but for otherwise pancake-flat Shanghai, it counts as a mighty range. (And, in fact, there is a mighty range nearby at the world-class Sheshan Golf Club, home of the annual HSBC European PGA tournament).

Regardless, for those hustling to Shanghai’s hectic beat, Sheshan is one of the city’s few refuges featuring (relatively) fresh air, patches of green free of Chinglished-out “keep off the grass” signs, and other cues indicating that it’s okay to downshift and relax.

Officially known as Sheshan National Tourism Park, the area offers day trippers plenty of cultural attractions and a few opportunities to get back to nature (with anything unpaved and free of blinking lights counting as “nature” in Shanghai’s sprawling cityscape).

Admission:RMB 55 Hours:Varies by attraction within the park How to get there:By taxi Sheshan is at least 40 minutes from People’s Square, more in traffic. It does, at least, have its own metro station: Sheshan on Line 9, but including the time taken to interchange between lines it’s over an hour from downtown. A low-cost option is to hop the hotel shuttle running between Le Meridian Royale and Le Meridian Sheshan (check with hotel for departure times).


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