Shanghai Grand Theatre

Designed by French architect Jean-Marie Charpentier, the Shanghai Grand Theatre (Shànghǎi Dà Jùyuàn, 上海大剧院) regularly hosts the city’s most notable classical music, dance, opera and theater performances.

Opened to the public in 1998, the Grand Theatre houses three separate auditoriums, the largest of which seats 1,800, while two smaller, more intimate halls are reserved for chamber music and private events.

Admission:Varies based on event Hours:Varies based on event How to get there:Just a five minute walk from People’s Square Metro Station (Lines 1, 2 & 8), you can also take a taxi to 300 Renmin Dadao (Rénmín Dàdào, 人民大道), near Huangpi Bei Lu (Huángpi Běi Lù, 黄陂北路).

Phone: (86 21) 6386 8686


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