Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Housed in a stunningly modern building adjacent to Pudong’s Century Park (Shiji Gongyuan) and surrounded by a fast-growing landscape of equally high-tech architectural statement-buildings (check out the Shanghai Performing Arts Center on the other side of the park, just beyond the futuristic space-dish sculpture), the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (Shanghai Keji Guan) has been a Pudong landmark since 2001.

With an emphasis on interactive exhibits, the museum is a great choice for kids, families and for anyone broadly curious in science and technology.  A dozen permanent exhibitions, with names like “The Spectrum of Life,” “Earth Exploration,” “Space Navigation” and (our personal favorite) “Environmental Disaster Theatre” are, in general, good fun while being broadly educational.

Four specialized theaters (IMAX, Omnimax, IWERKS and an “Astronautic” theater) help bring the museum’s scientific mission to vivid life and, together, they comprise the largest cluster of super-scale theater screens in Asia.

The museum is good for at least two hours of exploration and makes for a great stop on a larger Pudong outing along with the monumental Century Park.


Admission:RMB 60 (adults), RMB 45 (students), RMB 20 (children under 1.2 m) Hours:Tues-Sun 9:00 a.m.-5:15 p.m. (last ticket sold at 4:40 p.m.)  How to get there:The Line 2 Shanghai Kejiguan Metro Station is within easy walking distance of the museum entrance. Taxis should be directed to Shiji Da Dao 2000, Shanghai Keji Guan).
Phone: 021 6862 2000

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