Farmers Painting Village (Fengjing Ancient Town)

Fengjing is the cradle of an art style known as Jinshan Farmer Painting. A movement that began in the 1970s, these paintings traditionally depict colorful scenes of rural life using bold and playful imagery. During the Cultural Revolution, classical painter Wu Tongzhang (吴彤章) was sent to the Jinshan countryside for re-education but in turn taught the locals a thing or two about art. Although that first generation of peasant painters really were farmers, today the painters in the Jinshan Farmers Painting Village (Jīnshān Nóngmín Huà Cūn, 金山农民画村) make their living with their brushes but remain faithful to portraying moments drawn from typical pastoral scenes.

There are about 600 artists who work and live in the Jinshan Farmers Painting Village and visitors can wander the streets and studios, watching them in various stages of their work as well as enjoying the surrounding gardens. The paintings are of course for sale, and make great gifts and keepsakes of your time in China. Available in all sizes, remember to bargain hard. A small frame should set you back around RMB 30.


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