Jinshan Beach

If you build it, they will come. And if you what you build is a 1.3 km (0.8 mi) fake beach at the edge of one of the world’s biggest cities along the ocean, they’ll come every weekend.

Though it hardly compares to urban beaches elsewhere in the world, Jinshan City Beach (Jīnshān Chéngshì Shātān, 金山城市沙滩) nevertheless makes for a pleasant summer day trip from downtown Shanghai. It certainly ticks all the boxes:you can swim, sunbathe, catch crabs and stroll along the boardwalk to your heart’s content. There’s even jetskiing and scuba-diving on offer.

The eastern end of the beach is much the quieter, with the popular (and often packed) western end given over to football, volleyball and thumping techno piped through the loudspeaker system.

With golden sand imported from Hainan Island, a powerful water filtration system that turns the sea a surprisingly appealing shade of blue, and even a light sea breeze, it certainly beats sweating it out in the city.


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