Madame Tussauds Shanghai

Madame Tussauds Shanghai is the first mainland-Chinese franchise of the famed worldwide chain of wax museums. Visit dozens of celebrities, sports legends and historical figures and pose for the occasional photo. Madame Tussauds Shanghai specializes in Asian film stars, including Jackie Chan, Zhang Yimou, Li Bing Bing and Cecilia Cheung.

Joining Chinese cinema luminaries are Hollywood’s biggest names, international sports stars (with Yao Ming and Liu Xiang taking pride of place, followed by Tiger Woods), musicians (Asian stars from Teresa Teng to Leslie Cheung enjoy the spotlight), and an assortment of other famed figures.

If you’ve been to one (or all!) of the eight other Madame Tussauds (including Madame Tussauds Hong Kong), the Shanghai branch can’t offer you a profoundly new experience, but it can still provide kitschy fun and an interesting angle on how Chinese celebrity culture continues to wax as the nation increases its fortunes and global profile.

And say hi to Einstein for us, would ya’? Thanks.



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