Xuhui Riverside Public Open Space (Shanghai Corniche)

Sitting diagonally across the Huangpu River from the 2010 Expo site is the Xuhui Riverside Public Open Space (Xúhuì Bīnjiāng Gōnggòng Kāifàng Kōngjiān, 徐汇滨江公共开放空间), also known as the Shanghai Corniche.

This spacious, green, open area covers 40 hectares (100 acres) and runs 7 km (4 mi) along the riverside. Starting near the former Nanpu Train Station it provides a nice break from the busy hustle and bustle of daily Shanghai life.

Visitors can climb on the free rock climbing walls (complete with safety mats), rent bicycles to ride along the bike path, use the basketball nets and skate park or simply admire the scenery from the elevated walkway. This park offers great views of the Lupu Bridge and is home to many gardens, trees, benches and even a branch of Family Mart for those in need of a refreshing snack or beverage.

Hovering over the Huangpu River are two massive industrial shipping cranes. Remants of the old Jiangnan Shipyard these make for a great rest stop on the long stroll up or down river. The Longhua Bridge (Lónghuá Qiáo, 龙华桥) that spans a narrow tributary about halfway down and its neighboring Maritime Tower are lit up at night, which, along with the lights of the Lupu Bridge and the stadiums across the water make the Xuhui Riverside a a scenic option both day and night.


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