Zhou Enlai Residence

Once the Shanghai pied-a-terre of former PRC Premier Zhou Enlai (1898-1976), this former French Concession villa is now a museum commemorating the life and times of Mao’s right-hand man (or should that be “left-hand man”?). The building is an important site in the history of China’s Communist Party–it served as the Party’s Shanghai offices and a printing house before the revolution.

After 1949, Zhou retained a room in the building. Today, it is the only one of the historical villas in the Sinan Lu area to remain in a preserved state; the 49 other stately residences are being renovated and reinvented as Sinan Mansions, a high-end residential and retail development. Suffice it to say, Zhou would likely be surprised to see such over-the-top capitalism thriving just outside his bedroom window.


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