Changfeng Park

Bordering East China Normal University at its 525 Zaoyang Lu address, Changfeng Park is not only a nice place for an afternoon stroll, but a good place to spend a good portion of the day due to the other activities and attractions in its immediate vicinity.

Rent a boat and you can treat that special someone to a romantic paddle over placid man-made waters. It  enjoy some quick Chinese snacks at the nearby Zaoyang Lu food street, and even challenge buddies to a race at Disc Kart Indoor Karting in the park.
Changfeng Ocean World is also situated in the park, and is notable for offering scuba dives in its 5.5 meter deep shark tank, which in terms of thrills and chills, has got to be one of the top acitivities in the city.

For a nightcap or cocktail, the Shanghai Marriott Changfeng Park‘s 32nd floor rooftop cigar and cocktail bar offers expertly-mixed drinks and some of the greenest views in the city.


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