Commemoration Exhibition of Expo 2010 Shanghai

Since the Shanghai Expo closed in October 2010, the former Expo Site has been abandoned, redeveloped or repurposed to varying degrees. The former Cisco Pavilion falls into the latter category, having been given a new lease of life as the Commemoration Exhibition of Expo 2010 Shanghai (Shànghǎi Shìbóhuì Jìniàn Zhǎn, 上海世博会纪念展). Memorializing the event (minus the queues), it displays a number of exhibits left in Shanghai from other pavilions. Though much of the signage is only in Chinese, many parts of the exhibition speak for themselves.

The first floor of the museum details the buildup, management and running of the Expo, with displays in a large room centered around a model of the Expo Site and surrounding area with all the pavilions, and Expo bells and whistles.

A digital version of the famous Chinese scroll painting “Along the River During Qingming Festival,” originally from the Chinese Pavilion, lines one side of the hallway that leads into the main area of the second floor, which is dedicated to the Chinese provincial pavilions. This area includes pictures of the pavilions and the cultural and historic items they previously displayed.

Items collected from national pavilions, along with stats and facts on each one, are exhibited on the third floor. These include the giant animatronic baby from the Spanish Pavilion (which is turned on periodically throughout the day) and the “treasure room” from the German Pavilion that has been transformed into a 3D gallery showcasing items that couldn’t be left in Shanghai, like a 16th century wall panel of the Virgin Mary. An eight-minute 3D movie showing highlights of the Expo pavilions and performances runs continuously.

The Expo experience wouldn’t be complete without the scramble for stamps in the expo souvenir passports. Stamps from the Expo pavilions rotate on a weekly basis at a long table on the way towards the exit and the gift shop.

A wave of attractions are planned for the post-Expo years and an Expo museum, slated to be finished in 2015, will eventually take over the Commemoration Exhibition. Other post-Expo attractions include the soon-to-reopen China Art Palace (in the former China Pavilion) and the already open Moon Boat (the Saudi Arabian Pavilion).


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