Dagu Lu

Perhaps the most cosmopolitan street in town, one-block Dagu Lu is a welcome taste of home for many of the city’s expats–quite literally at imported food store FeiDan (#382).

Out-of-towners and residents alike flock here for the city’s best selection of DVD stores (try Movie Star at #47 or Big Movie at #382), perhaps stopping in at Dragonfly (#458) for an upmarket massage and spa treatment.

There are plenty of other worthwhile distractions, though. Not least the food. Masala Art (#397) is one of the best Indian restaurants in the city, Da Papa Mario (#370) serves up some fine pizzas, while Haya’s Mediterranean Cuisine (#415) attracts a loyal crowd of hummus lovers. Nova (#418) is both a French restaurant and a popular-place for after-work drinks, while Just Grapes (#462) is a wine specialist. There are Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, and Chinese dining options here, too. (In terms of choice, if not consistent quality, it beats even Jinxian Lu.)

For late-night fun look to Beedees Bar (#433), Zero Darts Bar (#413), or Frangipani (#399), one of the city’s premier gay destinations.


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