Fuxing Park (Fuxing Gongyuan)

Many visitors to Shanghai only catch glimpses of this delightfully leafy park on their way into the glitzy clubs and karaoke bars that surround it. Yet a day-time visit is the only way to truly appreciate its quiet, almost Parisian charm.

Built over a century ago, the park, like much of the Concession that surrounded it, was originally reserved for French citizens only. Fast forward to today, and the people gathered beneath the gingko trees are a more eclectic bunch: elderly locals practicing tai chi (as always, come first thing in the morning if you want to see them in full swing), middle-aged kite flyers, young expats laying out picnic spreads on the lawn. And on a summer’s evening, smartly-dressed couples come to practice their ballroom dancing skills, the sound of the scratchy recording drifting to all four corners of the park.

Easily the nicest downtown green space, family-friendly Fuxing Park is an essential stop on any walking tour of the French Concession, the perfect place to take a break from the bustle of nearby Xintiandi, and a great option if you’re looking to do some exercise yourself while in town.


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