Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs

Once the site of the Kuomintang security headquarters, the Longhua Cemetery (Longhua Lieshi Lingyuan), now a tranquil park beside the Longhua Temple, is the resting place of more than 500 “revolutionaries”; those who fought or died in the wars against the Japanese and the KMT.

In the 1950s, the remains of the so-called “24 Martyrs” were uncovered in a nearby patch of land; among them some of the leading lights of the formative Communist Party. Today, that execution ground is accessed by a damp underground tunnel that emerges into a unruly walled garden, seemingly untouched in half a century: it’s a truly chilling experience.

Elsewhere, the surounding park is dotted with memorials of all kinds, chief among them a huge glass memorial pyramid and a “Forest of Stone Tablets”. The Martyrs Musuem features over 1000 period items, and provides some helpful background context.

But not everything here is so somber. Plenty of people come here to enjoy the greenery too, with picknicking families and elderly exercisers a common sight beneath the peach trees.


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