Qibao Catholic Church

Built in 1866 and opened a year later, the simple, gothic-style Qibao Catholic Church (Qībǎo Tiānzhǔjiàotáng, 七宝天主教堂), or Qibao Church (Qībǎo Tiānjiàotáng, 七宝天主堂), was originally known as “Church of the Assumption of Mary.” The church was added on to in 1896, 1912 and 1929. During World War II, the church bell tower was damaged by bombs. In 2010 the church was given a facelift and renovated.

Outside, an open courtyard features a statue of Jesus, while two traditional Chinese lions stand on either side of the church’s doors. Inside, simple wooden pews sit beside stained glass windows and little portraits of the Stations of the Cross.

In the back, the pipes of a pipe organ rise against the back wall on a second story choir loft. The church is currently active and offers Sunday mass at 7:30am and weekday mass at 6:30am as well as Sunday school, choir practice and other activities, all of which are detailed on a plaque outside the church gate.

Although the church is located near Qibao Old Street, it does not appear on tourist maps. A visit to the church, however, is a good addition to a trip to Qibao Old Street.

Local sculptor Zhang Chongren, whose memorial hall is located in Qibao Old Street, studied at a school belonging to the church parish


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