Shanghai Circus World

“Miss it and you miss Shanghai!” runs the tagline for ERA: Intersection of Time, the multimedia acrobatic show that’s been running at Shanghai Circus World since 2005. And it’s certainly a memorable performance they put on, with daredevil motorcyclists, jugglers and other athletes all defying death and physics to entertain the audience for an hour and forty minutes.

The building itself is architecturally unremarkable, though it is big: covering some 22,000 square meters and seating more than 1,600 people. A tip if you do decide to go: it’s worth paying a little more (or booking early) to ensure your seat is near the middle of the auditorium; otherwise you risk missing out on the visual element of the show that plays out at the back of the stage.

Circus World also hosts a more traditional circus show – Happy Circus –  featuring dancing dogs and balancing bears alongside clowns and acrobats. It’s aimed at kids more than adults, who might take offence at all the wildlife forced to turn tricks.


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