Shiliupu Fabric Market

Also known as Dongmen Lu Fabric Market, this is one of several cloth  markets in Shanghai selling all kinds of fabrics and tailoring services and accessories.

For fabrics like silk and cashmere in particular you’ll want to check  the quality carefully as stallholders are prone to exaggerate, and bargain the price  of the fabric and the tailoring together for the best deals (but  remember, you get what you pay for). Check the quality of the clothes on  display on the stalls to get an idea of their work and pay attention to  seams, lining and hems etc. It’s wise to take along an item to copy  rather than get too creative here. 60% of the time you’ll need  alterations so be sure to leave enough time for changes (if small, these  can often be done within a couple of hours but it’s wise to allow a day  or two before departure).


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