Xing Guang Photographic Equipment Market

Also known as the Luban Lu Camera Market, Xing Guan is situated on the corner of Luban Lu (seen on Google Maps as “N – S Elevated Rd”) and Xietu Lu–and conveniently near the Metro Line 4 Luban Lu Station, this is the go-to spot for shutterbugs looking for anything from repairs to the latest Canon EF lenses.

On the first floor you’ll find a host of shops selling digital still and video cameras as well as their accessories. You’ll find all the major brands, while on upper floors you’ll find used equipment, flash bulbs and units, camera repair outfits, and other miscellany ranging from camera bags, to filters, to film and flash cards. There are six floors in all!

If you decide to make a purchase, do beware. If you find the salespeople dropping the price on a nice new camera by RMB 1,000 they are probably giving you the Hong Kong version. The build is identical, but you don’t get the manufacturer warranty—you only get the “shop warranty.” If you’ve bought a really good new camera, pony up the extra grand and get that full coverage. Happy shooting!


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