Zhou’s Miniature Carving House (Qibao)

Located in Qibao, an “old town” in western Shanghai, Zhou’s Miniature Carving House (Zhōushì Wēidiāo Guǎn, 周氏微雕馆) houses the life’s work of sculptor Zhou Changxing and his daughter Zhou Liju.

Also known by the pseudonym Shiweng, or “old man of stone” (Shíwēng, 石翁), Zhou and his daughter, known by the pseudonym Shimeng, or “dream of stone” (Shímèng, 石梦), have mastered the art of miniature sculpture. The museum abounds with miniature tributes to classic Chinese pottery, furniture, sculpture, calligraphy and painting.

While all miniatures are, of course, behind glass, visitors can get a close look at the painfully crafted detail of elaborate Ming vases smaller that a one RMB coin or the shelves of fingernail-sized vases on finger-sized shelves dotted amongst television-sized shelves of disparate examples of the craft of Zhou and his daughter.

Along with the Memorial Hall of Artist Zhang Chongren, Zhou’s Miniature Carving House is a great stop in a day trip to Qibao Old Street.


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