Soup Bun

Soup Bun, with bigger size than Xiaolongbao, refers to a kind of buns within soup. And it especially pays more attention on the taste of soup. Soup Bun in Shanghai tends to have Chrysanthemum-like shape, thinner dough skins, and much stuffing which come into wide range of choices. And they can offer you the first-class flavor no matter which type you choose.

The buns are served hot in the bamboo basket in which they were steamed. The shape and attempting fragrance really stimulate your appetite. Bitten off the top, some soup will be seen inside the buns, that’s why the name of soup bun comes into being.

1.In case of your tongue being scalded by the hot soup, you should not eat in a hurry but to wait until the soup inside cooling down.
2.Jiaji Bun Shop, located in Fengyang road, specializes in Soup Bun. And many super stars are frequent visitors.


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