A Bite of Xiamen

Welcome to the heaven for foodies! Thanks to its optimal location, Xiamen cuisine is composed of a rich collection of specialities. In this city, you will probably think of “what should I start with” instead of “where can I stop for food”. All you need is curiosity. The following are those you cannot miss!

What do you expect from a coastal city? Seafood, of course! The first recommendation is sea worm jelly (土笋冻). Actually it can be also counted as snack which can be easily reached on the street. It is made of a kind of sea worm taking shape of dried bamboo. Despite its scary name, the taste is quite refreshing.


Fried oyster is another  popular cuisine. In Xiamen, oyster is usually fried with eggs and served with sour sauce. It doesn’t look attractive, with a look of wet flour, but it smells so good that you cannot help having a try.


Noodle with satay sauce is cooked with shrimp and several spices, so expect a rich flavor.

20100419_51f60426b4abb546201fCSTJlcWq2mpQ-300x225 (1)

When it come to drinks, Taiwanese bubble tea is one of the most popular drinks on the street. Among hundreds of bubblle tea shops in Xiamen, the most famous ones are on Gulangyu Island which is always crowded with visitors. Sometimes it tastes no difference, plus the prices are much higher than else wehre, so juice is the other heathier choice in a city plentiful of tropical fruits, but remember to choose pure ones. Compared with the plain taste of bubble tea, the stylish shops per se in Xiamen are more attractive, especially those on Gulangyu islands.



It is impossible to name every speciality worth trying or give the most tasty one, so come and find your favorite!


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