A Ride on Melody and Poetry

Guests are flooding into Xiamen with summer coming, but it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the journey in the peak season. If you get tired of the crowd, a ride along Huandao Road (环岛路) invites you to the stunning coastal scenery of the city. The road is also used for Xiamen International Marathon. Green belt and golden beach spread over 43 kilometers presents a poetric moving picture with breeze whispering in your ear.


What you see during the ride is by no means unchangeable, monotonous costal view. An edge of the ride is the route covers a couple of spots where you definitely want to pop off and enjoy for a while.

The first one is the Baicheng area of Xiamen University, where is frequented by students of the university and residents. It is one of the best beaches for swimming and strolling. Jelous of the students there? But it is extremely crowed in summer-just imagine a picture of “a bowl of dumpling”.



Another stop is Zencuoan (曾厝垵), a village in the city. After walking out of the Baicheng area, you will reach the small village within fifteen minutes imbued with the original local culture: traditional buidlings of red bricks and rural paths surrounding the community.


It is also a good idea to take a walk or jog on the plank road alongside in the morning or the evening.


The only downside of the ride is it is hardly possible to finish the route due to limited energy. Nevertheless, I believe you will get an eyeful within one and a half hours. It is suggested to begin in the late afternoon and admire the sunset during the ride.

Single bike/tandem can be borrowed at several spots along Huandao Road charging for RMB10-20  (negotiable) per hour. Safety deposit of around RMB 600 or a pledge of ID is required but the latter not suggested. Remember to check the bike before departure and have an eye on the time when enjoying the scenes.



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