Shanghai Ocean Aquarium— A Summer Date With Marine Lives


Aquarium is always a delight for chidlren; for lovely couples, wouldn’t it be a romance to explore a new world? I’ts easy to find such fun in Shanghai. Located in the  splendid financial center of Shanghai, just beside the Oriental Peral TV Tower, Shanghai  Ocean Aquairium is listed as one of the top aquariums in Asia. Twice as big as Shanghai Changfeng Ocean Park,  it is allowed to provide a stunning array of marine lives classified by continents and regions. Apart from popular marine lives  from all over the world, the feature of the aquarium is rare species  only found in China, most of which are national protected such as Chinese sturgeon and Yangtze Alligator. Among tens of hundreds of aquariums in the world, it is the only one  where you can find them.


A plus to the aquarium is its great location if you think about a tour of Pudong, the west bank of the Huangpu River. It’s slightly drab design and less interactive experience is the downside compared with Shanghai Changfeng Ocean Park. Keep in mind that it is impossible to backtrack inside so don’t leave any regrets on the route given the price of admission.

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Expect huge crowd on weekends and holidays.

Tips: Admission is around 150 RMB, lower price is available on

For more information and reviews:

Official website:



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