The Five “Gloomiest” Cities in China

Some cities in China are more complained than others. And yet, what makes them gloomy also makes them attractive. That explains why they are also the most visited places in China. If you have been there, share with us your own experience!

No.1 Beijing—the heaviest traffic nationwide


The capital of China is also a huge parking lot—there is no such word as “peak time” in the capital, because traffic jam happens anytime anywhere and it has been such a torture for its residents who usually spend one and a half hours on their drive to work. It is said traffic jam costs Beijing six billion every year. Is it a shared problem for capitals of big countries taking the example of WashingtonDC and Moscow? In light of this, perhaps the better way for tourists to get around the city is to take underground transportation, but get ready for huge crowds.

No.2 Shanghai—pain of consumption


Shanghai paid its cost for leading consumer culture in the country. The astute Shanghainese suffered from the higher prices for living. But, it won’t be such a problem for visitors from countries with currencies of higher values compared with RMB—foreigners compose 20% of the high consumption crowd.

No.3 Chengdu—guilt of comfort


Opposite to the previous two cities living on a quick pace, Chengdu is filled with a lethargic viber and different from the overall Chinese ambience. People there would rather spending time on gourmet and mahjong than on business. Teahouse is a great place to soak up some local culture. It is a city sharing the similar spirit with some European countries.

No.4 Shenzhen—blame for romance


With multitude of young migrant labors flooding into the city every year, Shenzhen is full of chances for romance. Unfortunately, more often than not, romance is just a compensation for humdrum daily work. If you look for an encounter, the Love Road leading to the sea is the place to go.

No.5 Xi’an—the lost city


Capital of thirteen dynasties, starting point of the Silk Road, tomb of the first emperor of China…Yesterday’s glory cannot stop Xi’an from falling with its last piece of proud in the modern day. But where else should you get started if you want to know where the nation came from?


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