The Six Wacky Museums in Shanghai

Among a great array of museums in Shanghai, there must be some you haven’t seen. From the kingdom of chopsticks to the palace of music boxes, if you have covered all the major attraction in Shanghai and want to find out the wacky yet joyful side of the city, these are places recommended for you!

No.1 Shanghai Museum of Typewriters


The little museum exhibits 50 typewriters from all over the world. It must be fun to meet the antique ones from your own countries.

Highlight: the oldest typer in the place—“Rosewood Beuty” made in 1809.

Admission: Free

Location: No.248, Wu Xin Road

No.2 Shanghai Animation Museum


You can find any classic animation characters in the museum—from Mickey Mouse to Spider-Man. There is also introduction of Chinese shadow play, which must be fancy to foreign visitors. You can take pictures with the life-size figures and dub your favorite cartoon. Bring your children and get back to your youth—what a nice family day!

Admission: 30 RMB

Location: No.69, Zhang Jiang Road

No.3 Shanghai Music Box Exhibition Hall


The exhibits mainly from Europe are personal collection of a Japanese merchant. The interesting design of some music boxes is just beyond imagination. Besides, it is good to know the collector’s personal tastes from some really “wacky” exhibits.

Highlight: the world oldest music box made in 1796

Admission: 50 (half price for the first and third Saturday every month)

Location: No.45, Ding Xiang Road (Shanghai Oriental Art Center)

No.4 Shanghai Chopsticks Musuem


It must be the smallest museum in Shanghai—a room with half selling jewelry. The 81-year-old owner showed his collection from different parts of Asia where he had been in his life. Compared with the exhibits, more attractive are his stories behind those chopsticks. His book Chinese Chopsticks is in China, English and French..

Admission: Free (call at +86 21 5671 7528 to book a visit)

Location: No.191, Duo Lun Road

No.5 Shanghai Museum of Pen and Ink


It is a place to admire Chinese calligraphy and the spirit behind the art.

Highlight :  English voice guide for each items.

Admission: Free

Location: Second Floor, No.429, Middle Fu Jian Road

No.6 the Ohel Moishe Synagogue—Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum


Originally being a synagogue, the museum tells the history of Jewish refugees in World War II and their seeking for shelter Shanghai. It is a place to find another facet of Shanghai as an international metropolis.

Admission:50 RMB

Location: No.62, Chang Yang Road


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