Time to Go Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World


Aquarium  is always a good place to visit in summer; it also makes a lovely family day—every family member would find it a joy. Shanghai Changfeng Ocean Park is more than that. As a part of Changfeng Park, the ocean world provides great fun of immersive exploration and diverse entertainment in the area. Though it might not be among the team of world biggest ocean parks, there are still a lot things to see.

Tips: admission is a little bit expensive (around 100 RMB), but groupon offers a much lower price.


1. The biggest White Whale Show Hall in China. The White Whale show is a must-see which provides performances of white whales and  sea lions.


2. Shark path


3. Penguin pavilion


4.  specialities including seafloor wedding, one-night stay with marine animals, birthday party

5.  Outdoor activities and Chinese garden in the park.


For more information and reviews: http://www.chinatravel.net/china-attractions/changfeng-ocean-world–aquarium-/introduction-1191.html

The official website of Ocean World:http://www.oceanworld.com.cn/


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