Lugu Lake Travel Guide


Lugu Lake is located 280 km north Lijiang of Yunnan Province, which equals to five-hour ride from the ctiy. Groups of  minorities inhabit around the lake, among which the matrilineal Mosuo are the most numerous one. Known as the Kingdom of Women, they still follow the ancient custom of male-leaving marriage. No such hustle and bustle as in Lijiang thanks to its isolation and the stunning scenery really makes the long ride nothing.

How to get there:

Usually take the bus from Lijiang—two shifts per day departing at Lijiang Bus Terminal.  Or you can ask the hotel to book the ticket for you, but don’t take the private bus services of hotel,  if any.

Prepare for the following:

Everything is more expensive and prices double in Chinese holidays. Food may not be so hygiene as that in the city. Hardly anyone speaks English there, so you may want to find a guide in Lijiang.


Some may recommend a day trip, but two days are perfect for an immerse experience in the  area. Stay overnight to appreciate the shimmering lake under the setting sun.

Things to do:

Discover the natural beauty by trekking along the lakeside and boating in the lake.

Explore the matriarchal society by visiting typical Mosuo families and participate in the Musuo youths’ campfire party to witness how they express love to the beloved ones.

Enjoy the Yongning hotspring.


Buy the returning bus ticket when you get off at Luoshui Village. You’d better book the hotel in advance in case that all rooms are taken.

For cultural reasons, don’t ask the locals about their opinions on marriage and sex, or their fathers.


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