The Most Historical Hotel in Shanghai


Astor House Hotel was the first westerner-built hotel in China way back in 1864 during Qing Dynasty. Since its open, it had been a place frequented by celebs home and abroad—Einstein, Chaplin, Russel and more to name. Facing the Huangpu River, it has witnessed the great changes happened on the land since the last century.Though destroied during the war period, it reopened in 1954 and everything has been kept authentic, reminding you of days back in time.


The precious location on the Bund promises a good view of the Huangpu River from the rooms.  The interior holds a blend of old Shanghai and old England. Every corridor and corner leads you to old days in silent films.


But if you’re looking for a full on luxury experience – this might not be the place for you.  Don’t expect modern perfection with a good amount of history to go with it. The rooms are sort of dated but neat and huge (except those on the 6th floor whose size is half  of others).



Breakfast offers a wide range of choices and yet service is so so.


A bonus for you stay there is the fact that it is a popular wedding location so you might witness some Chinese weddings.


One possible problem would be noise  through the night, given the hustle and bustle on the Bund. After all, the whole package is just beyond its three-star rank.

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