Hani Terraces — Newly-Declared 2013 World Culture Heritage


The Hani terraced fields in Lijiang city, Yunnnan Province has won the approval of the State Council and have recently declared 2013 World Culture Heritage by UNESCO. As a property of cultural landscape, it is comprised of the forest at the hilltop, the stockaded villages below the forest, the terraced fields below the villages and the Honghe water system below the terraced fields. A very spectacular traditional farming landscape featuring amazing rice culture is formed.



Honghe Hani Terraced Fields Property is comprised of two systems.The first one is the unique and integrated ecological system. The forests on the hilltops conserve the water resources, meeting the basic needs of hundreds of thousands of Hani people and other ethnic groups.


The second system is the ethnic cultural system which comprises tangible cultural heritages including the villages, dwellings and buildings for production, the protector woods of the villages, irrigation works and road sign steles, etc., and intangible cultural heritages such as the traditional production and life styles, traditional custom and fete activities, and knowledge systems passed down orally, etc.


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