Shanghai Famous Food Courts

Here are three different kinds of famous food courts in Shanghai. If you’d like to know any particular recommendations of food in those places, welcome to leave a message!

#1 Wujiang Road (吴江路)— a wide range of choice


This is a pedestrian street of food and delights perfect for either serious meals or refreshments. A good variety of restaurants and shops provide lots to choose from — from Shanghai local snacks to international food, such as pho, sushi, Korean bibimbap, etc. Popular desserts and fast food are also easily to be found here. Great to drop by after sightseeing and shopping around thanks to its location in the city center. It’s right outside metro Line 2

#2 the City Gold Temple — traditional Shanghai  snacks


Speaking of traditional snacks in Shanghai, first  comes the City Gold Temple, which is also a landmark of Shanghai. You can find there the most authentic Shanghai snacks and dimsum, small steamed bun for example. 

#3 Qibao Ancient Town — Chinese snacks in  water village



Image Image

It’s fair to say that a visit to Qibao Ancient town kills two birds with one stone. Qibao Ancient town not only contains a variety of popular Chinese snacks as well as some interesting food, such as barley-sugar; also, the historical sites demonstrate the thousands-year history of Shanghai. The only drawback is its long distance from central Shanghai, but you can still reach there by metro  Line 9. It’s not a bad idea to row on the waterway while enjoying the local snacks.


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