A Tour of Chinese Kung Fu

Chinese Kung Fu has been famous worldwide. Not just appreciating its beauty in movies, people are now even learning it outside of China. If you visit the following places, you will know kung fu in reality is not just about martial arts; it also involves cultural things and human wisdom.

#1 The Wudang Mountains — Birth Land of Tai Chi




The Wudang Mountains are a small mountain range in the northwestern part of Hubei Province, China. It is also the best known of China’s Taoist mountains, where the legendary Taoist Zhang San-Feng settled. The many monasteries together with the natural beauty bring tourists a peaceful mind deriving from naturalness. These are also academic centre for the research, teaching and practice of meditation, Chinese martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine, providing an immerse experience of Taoism and Chinese culture. All in all, Mt.Wudang is a combination of “ancient wisdom, historic architecture and natural beauty”, says an expert of the UNESCO. 



The main architecture YuxuPalace, where Tai-Chi Master Zhang San-feng disciplined himself.

#2 Shaolin Monastery — Where All Kinds of Martial Arts Originate




The legendary Shaolin Monastery represents Chinese martial arts among foreigners. The most noted scenic spot in Shaolin Monastery is Pagoda Forest thanks to the internationally well-recognized film “Shaolin Temple” starred by Jet Li. The audience was greatly impressed both by the scenery and Shaolin Kung Fu. Martial arts, though famous, is just a little piece of the place. Buddhism sets the cultural background for Shaolin Monastery. The architectures and ancient literatures kept inside were terribly destroyed by an intentional fire during the period of the Republic of China.



PagodaForest, the tombs of noble monks. The heights are decided by their achievements.

#3 Foshan — homeland of Chinese modern Kung Fu Masters


Foshan, Guangdong Province, is a relatively modern place related to Kung Fu compared with the preceding ones. Nevertheless, it is famous for those names: Wong Fei-Hung, Ip Man and Bruce Lee, to name a few. It is not a typical tourist destination, but there are still a lot to see including temples and other examples of Chinese architecture. Of course, it is the place to learn Wing Chun and follow the trace of masters mentioned above.


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