Newly Inscribed World Cultural Heritage — Xinjiang Tianshan

Tian Shan, the largest system of mountain ranges located in Central Asia, lies to the north and west of the Taklamakan Desertand directly north of the Tarim Basim in the border region of Kazakhstan, Kygyzstan and the Xinjiang Uyghur Autnomomous Region of western China. UNESCO has recently inscribe Xinjiang Tianshan on World Heritage List.


Xinjiang Tianshan presents unique physical geographic features and scenically beautiful areas including spectacular snow and snowy mountains glacier-capped peaks, undisturbed forests and meadows, clear rivers and lakes and red bed canyons.


These landscapes contrast with the vast adjacent desert landscapes, depicting a sharp visual contrast between hot and cold, dry and wet, desolate and luxuriant. 


You may find more information about Xinjiang Tianshan and other attractiosn of Xinjiang, China on

(Reference: UNESCO website. Pictures©Leading Group for application of WNH of Xianjiang Uygur Autonomous Region)


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