Lijiang Nightlife — Lijiang Bar Recommendation

Though a typical ethnic residence, Lijiang has welcomed a growing number of foreign visitors who have brought foreign culture into this place. Many new good bars and cafes have sprung up with the foreign-oriented trend. Instead of eroding the local culture, bars and cafes are localized by Naxi civilization on the soil. Here are some highly ranked bars both perfect for daytime leisure and wonderful nightlife.

#1 Le Petit Paris小巴黎酒吧

No.111 Cuiwen Section of Xinhua Street, Gucheng District 


It is one of the most popular bars for visitors. The romantic love story of its host from France and his Chinese wife has been going round for a long time. Another attraction here is the antiphonal singing by the local Naxi maidens at night.

#2 Neighbour of the Sun一米阳光

No.6 Shuangshi Section of Bar Street, Xinhua Street, Gucheng District


Taking name from a romantic story of Naxi people, the bar lends a laid back ambiance with trees surrounding and stream flowing.

#3 Sakura 樱花屋

No.123 Cuiwen Section of Xinhua Street, Gucheng District


Opened by a Chinese and his Korean wife in 1996, the bar serves popular Korean cuisine. At present, not only a bar but also a western food restaurant has been built here.

#4 37°2

nearby Square Street, Shuhe Old Town

Located in an old town miles away from Lijiang Ancient City, 37°2 is relatively quiet. This three-storey bar is a good place to view the Jade Snow Mountain in a distance.

#5 Free Commune自由公社

No.8 Jishan Section of Xinhua Street, Gucheng District


It is a bar run by a local. Besides dining service, Free Commune also provides advise for backpackers and mountain bikes for those who head for outskirts of Lijiang.

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