Summer Joy — Playa Maya Water Park Shanghai

Playa Maya, the sister park of Shanghai Happy Valley Amusement Park, is finally open to the public during the summer holiday. Among the 30s prize-winning facilities, the most exciting one is the civil engineering of the wave pool which can boast the largest and highest wave in the world. Beyond that, the park also features the “Big Octopus Slide” and the “Hornet Roller Coaster”.

During its Summer Wave Music Festival from July 7 to August 25, famous performers and DJ will bring hot music and turn the beach into rock ocean!


The park is now the biggest open-air water park of East China.

Kindly tips:

Flocks of people are heading for the newly opened water park, so avoid weekends and holidays. Still, expect for long line for entrance, dining and every facility.


From ¥140 (online booking at


Sheshan, Songjiang District, Shanghai (next to “Happy Valley” Park) free shuttle from Metro Line 9 Sheshan Station





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