Summer Joy — 2013 Harbin International Beerfest on Spot

2013 Harbin International Beerfest is under going from June 6 to July 14. Harbin is not only known as “the City of Ice and Snow”; also, immersed in a rich Russian culture, it is well recognized as a city of beer. So what will you enjoy in the beer festival and what makes it distinguished?


Beer beer beer!!!

This year, more than 30 top-notch beer brands, 200 varieties joined the festival, including brands from China, Germany, Spain, the Philippines and Czekh. The site is capable of holding 40,000 people drinking beer. 





Good mate of beer, barbecue is a must; besides, nationwide delicacies cater to every picky appetite, among which Taiwan snacks first provided in the festival become people’s favorite.



Parade, pole dance, games…never bores you! There are also events for children.


Chics from home and abroad


It seems beer festival brings together the most wonderful things in the world. If you miss Harbin, no panic — Qingdao International Beerfest is coming soon from August 11 to 25! 

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