[The Most Romantic Inn in Lijiang] Lijiang Oak Garden Inn


No.153 Zhongyi Lane, Guangyi Street, Lijiang 674100, China

Located in the ancient town, Oak Garden Inn is one of the biggest inns in Lijiang. Though just starting business in 2006, the courtyard has a history of 100 years. The antique environment reminds lodgers of the tea-horse routine in old days and creates an isolated ambiance which well attracts the white collar. With a rich breath of freedom, it is acclaimed as the most romantic inn in Lijiang.



Besides carefully designed interior, rooms are spacious and clean; haunting background music and freshly boiled tea and coffee afford a pleasant experience. Free wifi covers all areas. For foreigners, English-speaking assistants is a plus. 


Though getting lots of likes online, some find it not so perfect as what it is described. For one thing, the wood floor squeaks when stepped; for another…I guess that’s the only negative thing I’ve heard of it. 🙂





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