The Most Featured Bookstores in China

“I had been imagining secretly that the heaven should be like a library”, said Borges;I secretly think that is why people still visit bookstores when e-books have prospered. Which bookstore below is closest to your imagination of heaven?


Xiamen: Once Bookstore

It is acclaimed by a photographer from the Wall Street Journal as the most beautiful bookstore in Asia. Transformed from a villa, the bookstore keeps a laid-back vibe of being home.

Location: No.13 Huaxin Rd., Xiamen





Beijing: Hedge Garden House

It is a bookstore less accessible to urban citizens since it is settled in the suburban area of Beijing. Surrounded by nature beauty, it delivers an idea of harmony of human and nature. One interesting thing is that every visitor could bring three books and take one for free when leaving.

Location: Wisdom Valley, Yanxi Town, Huairou District, Beijing





Beijing: The Book Warm

It’s hard to define whether it is a bookstore, library or a coffee shop with a huge stock of books. English books cover most of the collection; that’s why the bookstore hidden in Beijing Hutong is frequented by foreign visitors. The hallmark of the Book Warm is its weekly lectures and salons, inviting groups of international well-recognized writers to be guests.


Location: No.4, Sanlitun South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing



老书虫4     老书虫4

Shanghai: Zhongshu Pavillion (钟书阁)

It’s more like a private study than a public bookstore in terms of its luxury. Located in the Thames Town of Songjiang District of Shanghai, Zhongshu Pavillion takes on a British elegance while keeping a feeling of old Shanghai.  Its appearance doesn’t blur the content, though— it has a lavish stock of foreign publications.

Location: No. 930, the Thames Town, LN 900 North Sanxin Rd., Songjiang District, Shanghai





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