[Shanghai Venice] Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

The  water town, Zhujiajiao, which lies less than an hour’s drive from downtown Shanghai, reflects the ancient facade of the modern city. As early as 1700 years ago, villages came into existence in this place. With its collection of Ming and Qing dynasty architecture, Zhujiajiao offers a unique insight into the history of these picturesque artistic and commercial settlements, known only to exist in east China. A typical day tour features a pleasant boat cruise and stroll in the antique gardens and temples. Also, you cannot miss the traditional food there.

Admission: ¥60 for a through ticket, ¥5-20 for a single spot




If you are in the mood for shopping after getting an eyeful of poetic landscape, drop by  Shanghai Outlets housing 240 international brands, including Burberry, Armani, Zegna, Givenchy, Canali, Swarovski and Hugo Boss. A charming save of 70% discounts is expected.

Location: 2888 Huqingping Highway, Songzhong Lu, Zhaoxiang Town, Qingpu District



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