Enjoy Purple Romance in China

Lavender reaches its peak time in June and July every year. If you have no plan for France, no regret — because it is by no means exclusive to Provence. Growing along 24° north latitude, Lavender is a species of character and demands of sufficient sunshine. Here I’d like to introduce you several major spots to enjoy purple romance in China. Let the fragrance calm you in the nationwide hot wave. 

# Yili Valley, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Yili Valley is the biggest lavender growing area in China and is called the “Oriental Provence”.  The boundless lavender sea features a backdrop of mountains at a distance.


# Hanshiqiao, Beijing 

Hanshiqiao Wetland is the biggest herb tourist area in Asia. Occupying up to 15 thousand acres, it is home to various rare water birds. Besides 300 acres lavender field, here grows patches of reeds.


#Chongming, Shanghai

Adjacent to the national forest park on the third biggest island of China lies a farm themed by social and green sports. Though of relatively small scale, the lavender field there provides you any sort of romance you can imagine: Ride a bike, take your beloved one, or run into someone…




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