Summary of Water Fun Destinations

For you to cool down in dog days, here is a collection of  the destinations for water fun in the previous posts.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium— A Summer Date With Marine Lives


Aquarium is always a delight for children; for lovely couples, wouldn’t it be a romance to explore a new world? I’ts easy to find such fun in Shanghai. Located in the  splendid financial center of Shanghai, just beside the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai  Ocean Aquarium is listed as one of the top aquariums in Asia. Twice as big as Shanghai Changfeng Ocean Park,  it is allowed to provide a stunning array of marine lives classified by continents and regions. Apart from popular marine lives  from all over the world, the feature of the aquarium is rare species  only found in China, most of which are national protected such as Chinese sturgeon and Yangtze Alligator. Among tens of hundreds of aquariums in the world, it is the only one  where you can find them.

Changfeng Ocean World — Family Day Destination


Aquarium  is always a good place to visit in summer; it also makes a lovely family day—every family member would find it a joy. Shanghai Changfeng Ocean Park is more than that. As a part of Changfeng Park, the ocean world provides great fun of immersive exploration and diverse entertainment in the area. Though it might not be among the team of world biggest ocean parks, there are still a lot things to see.


1. The biggest White Whale Show Hall in China. The White Whale show is a must-see which provides performances of white whales and  sea lions.2. Shark path 3. Penguin pavilion 4.  specialities including seafloor wedding, one-night stay with marine animals, birthday party 5.  Outdoor activities and Chinese garden in the park.

Tianjin Sea World Meter Cube — World Largest Indoor Waterpark


New place for summer joy! The World biggest indoor waterpark, Tianjin Sea World Meter Cube, has opened in July. The 50,000 square meters of arena integrates hot spring, artificial beach and recreation facilities. Forget about your sunscreen and no worries for sun burn! The mild temperature of 30℃ makes a year-round pleasure to visit the place. The health-beneficial underground water is a plus.

The Changbai Mountain Drift — Natural Waterpark


Apart from the killing view of Tianchi and the legend of mysterious creature, another thing you will never want to miss about the Changbai Mountain, a summer sanctuary in the northeast part of China, is its exciting summer joy — the Changbai Mountain Drift. The Changbai Mountain Drift provides five drifting routes lasting for 1.5 hours. For those who are looking for an elegant float, the routes covering the chilled out forest may be your choice; for adventurous people, the rugged ones will fill your expectations. It doesn’t take such a gut as that of sliding from ten meter’s height, but the drops still create huge sprays and adrenergic stimulation. No matter which route you choose, you are sure to get an eyeful of lush green and crystal lake when drifting on one of the few unpolluted waters in China.

Playa Maya Waterpark Shanghai — Adventureland


Playa Maya, the sister park of Shanghai Happy Valley Amusement Park, is finally open to the public during the summer holiday. Among the 30s prize-winning facilities, the most exciting one is the civil engineering of the wave pool which can boast the largest and highest wave in the world. Beyond that, the park also features the “Big Octopus Slide” and the “Hornet Roller Coaster”. During its Summer Wave Music Festival from July 7 to August 25, famous performers and DJ will bring hot music and turn the beach into rock ocean! The park is now the biggest open-air water park of East China.

Jiulong Mountain Merryland Water Park — Enjoyment of Natural Beauty


The newly opened Merryland Water Park locates at Jiulong Moutain Vacation Resort of Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province. It takes one and a half hours’ ride to get there from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou or Ningbo. Compared with its “predecessor”,  Guilin Merryland Amusement Park, the water park eliminates many of the land facilities; instead, it takes advantage of its hill-enclosed landscape and focuses more on the water recreation. Covering an area of 60,000 square meters, Merryland Water Park features Sea Python, Dragon Valley, Moon River and other sets of facilities.

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town — Shanghai Venice


The  water town, Zhujiajiao, which lies less than an hour’s drive from downtown Shanghai, reflects the ancient facade of the modern city. As early as 1700 years ago, villages came into existence in this place. With its collection of Ming and Qing dynasty architecture, Zhujiajiao offers a unique insight into the history of these picturesque artistic and commercial settlements, known only to exist in east China. A typical day tour features a pleasant boat cruise and stroll in the antique gardens and temples. Also, you cannot miss the traditional food there.


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