The Ninth Wonder of the World: Guoliang Wall Highway

The builders of the wonder are the residents of Guoliang Village in Henan Province. Isolated in the mountain village for several centuries, the villagers decided to dig a path toward the outside world on the cliff for survival. In 1972, 13 heroes began their magnificent undertaking by using primitive tools, such as rope, chisel and dynamite. After 5 years in 1977, a 1980 meters long tunnel was built at the cost of numbers of lives. The zigzag  mountain road is 6 meters wide 4 meters high, ranked as one of the most dangerous highways in the world. Rough as it is,  it makes unique scenery of natural beauty and human labor. Now the tunnel is a part of the Wanxian Mountain resort. 

Feature: windows carved on rocks provides a bird view of hundreds meters deep valley.

How to get there: take a train or ride from Beijing to Xinxiang, Henan Province, and then take a tourist bus to the Wanxian Mountain resort.






Henan Travel Guide


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