How Terrible is the Scorching Weather in China

How terrible is the scorching weather in China? There are 43 cities and counties over 40℃ (104℉). Much of the Yangtze Region is currently battling the scorching weather: ChongqingWuhanNanjing, etc. “One of my African classmates got sunstroke here”, says a university student in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.Thousands of tourists flooded to the Dead Sea of China in Sichuan, making a shocking scene like this:

Trypophobia warning!


It seems that the hideous conditions stir people’s creativity: Without AC in dorms, the university students made a water bed in use of empty bottles.


Besides the traditional “stove cities”, there are new members of the league, among which Shanghai has stood out. The high temperature together with the high humidity make Shanghai a huge steamer.10 persons have died from sunstroke. The maximum temperature of Shanghai has broken the record of 40℃. Thanks to the extreme weather, some jokes come true: someone put a piece of streaky pork on the ground, and it was grilled ready in ten minutes.



 Things are going worse: according to the weather forecast, these regions are welcoming a new round of heat wave in August and the temperature will stay around 39℃.


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