Guangzhou Top Selling Hotels Review

Get tired of skimming through pages of reviews on line? Here I collect both the strengths and weaknesses of the top selling hotels in Guangzhou for your reference.
#Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe (广州正佳广场万豪酒店) From CNY 811
Location: No.228 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
The staff speak good English and is very helpful. Its prime location right in the downtown is  10-15 mins walk to metro while with many restaurants and shops in quick walking distance. The choices of breakfast is more than plentiful. Rooms are surprisingly spacious. The room services are good but the services in the public areas need improvements 
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#Bishuiwan Hotspring Holiday Inn (广州碧水湾温泉度假村) From CNY 678
Location: Liuxi Hotspring Tourist Spot, Liangkou District, Guangzhou 
Visitors from all over the world heap praise upon the services there. The hot spring resort live up to four-star standards, incorporating accommodation, dining, hot springs, business and gym. Something mentioned by the guests: there are 2 performances (acrobatics, songs & dances) daily at the Hot Spring area starting at 3pm and 8pm and lasting for about 1 hour, so try avoid those timing for massage – you can’t rest with that noise.
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#Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou (广州四季酒店) From CNY 1122
Location: No.5 Zhujiang West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
It is installed on the top 30 floors of 100-story building, giving guests dramatic views through floor to ceiling windows in their rooms. The design of rooms has nothing special regarding facilities, while everyone is deeply impressed on the first viewing of the lobby.
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#The Ritz Calton Guangzhou (广州丽思卡尔斯顿酒店) From CNY 1780
Location: No.3 Xing’an Road, Pearl River New City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
This is a real luxury hotel that someone even finds “over decorated”. Both the physical properties and service are consistent with the standards of Ritz Calton. Beyond that, service there is of flexibility — tailor the service to you need. However, it is located in a less well-known new town, which means it’s hard to get a taxi in and out. inconsistent service though the staff is attentive.
#The Westin Pazhou (广交会威斯丁酒店) From CNY 659
Location: No.681 Fengpu Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
As a luxury hotel,  the room, size and decor are really sophisticated. Comfortable bed and good sound insulation make you sleep well. Service is always the differentiator and the service here is absolutely superb. The drawback is they just has a small lobby bar, though the pool is quite big. Tips: choose the rooms facing the river.
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