Hangzhou Top Selling Hotels Review

Tired of browsing pages of reviews on hotels? Here I gather the positive and negative features of the top selling hotels in Hangzhou for your reference.

# Dragon Hotel (杭州黄龙饭店) From CNY960

Location:No.120 Shuguang Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

It is an absolutely top-notch hotel in China with high end rooms, services and quality. Surprisingly, the highlight of the hotel is its tech-savvy innovations, for example, sign lights up pointing you to your room when you get off the elevator. Wifi is provided everywhere. Across the street one can escape into the forested hills that lead to the famed Western (a 20 minute taxi to the lake), and other tourist spots are reachable.. Cons:The gym and pool are modern and clean but not 5 star, and not particularly attractive. The hotel has limited restaurant options. The food is good quality but caters more to the Chinese customer. As to the bathrooms, someone may find it amazing, while others find issue with its open design. The immediate surroundings are not the most interesting parts of Hangzhou, but there are plenty of taxis coming and going.

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# Hangzhou West Lake Reclusive Life Villa Hotel (Shangtianzhu Branch) (隐居西湖别墅酒店上天竺片区)From CNY1120

Location: No.363\365\367 Shangtianzhu, Xihu District, Hangzhou

The hotel is hidden in the hills by the West Lake and transformed from a villa. The rooms are embraced with natural beauty and fresh air. Perfect as for a seclusive experience, free Wi-Fi in all areas connects you with the rest of the world. The butler is really helpful and warm-hearted. On the other side, the out-of-the-way location may cause some troubles for transportation. Besides, it takes longer to cool down the upstairs due to its dated layout, which could be horrible for Hangzhou’s summer. Tip: you can ask the tour desk to help organize sightseeing trips.

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# Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake (杭州西子湖四季饭店) From CNY3000
Location: No.5 Lingyin Road, Hangzhou

This might be the most featured Four Seasons in China: The hotel is designed into a typical Chinese garden, reminding you all from ancient novels and poetry. It has kids room and hotel room. As for the location, it depends on your need. If you want some handy places surrounded by restaurants and bars, then this is not your place. As quite as your private garden, the hotel locates on a small road, which means you have to walk to the main road to get a taxi in 5-10 min. Even so, it’s just a short walk over to the West Lake. Though it charges holidaymakers quite some money, the glorious environment is worth every single penny. A blemish: the services are inconsistent. Family can ask for two connecting rooms.

If you want restaurants and bars nearby, then you might want to try hotel like Hyatt. But if you like some place quiet and away from the noisy tourists, then this is a good location.The grounds around the dining room and terrace area were glorious. a short walk over to West LakeA well known fact is that getting a cab in hangzhou is very difficult.

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# Hangzhou Tower (杭州大厦酒店) From CNY548

Location: No.21 Wulin Square, Hangzhou

The hotel has earned its fame for being long-established, but it needs to be updated in some ways. Rooms are average both for the decor and layout. As for food, choice is limited and quality is not satisfactory. You may want to skip the breakfast and got to Starbucks at the Shopping mall downstairs. It is located in a famous local shopping square and yet far away from the West Lake. Tips: Make sure you don’t take a room on the lower floors (8-12) since the KTV is very noisy at night time.

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# Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou (杭州温德姆至尊豪庭大酒店) From CNY1120

Location: No.555 Fengqi Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou

The hotel is a great combination of location, service and price. The west lake and some Hangzhou specialities places are within walking distance. The breakfast buffet offers an incredible selection of Asian and European food, which is a big plus for a Chinese hotel. Many western staff working at the hotel, helping to keep up with the western standards of luxury hotel. What substracts some points is you can barely see the river from the rooms.

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