The Path of the Brave:Zhangjiajie Skywalk

The world-famous Skywalk of the Grand Canyon marks the unlimited wisdom of human beings; across the Pacific, what rivals the wonder is another skywalk in Zhangjiajie, a celebrated tourist destination in Hunan province, China. The 60 meters long, 1430 meters high skywalk is a real test of gut.



If you think that’s pretty much the limit of mental capacity, then you are probably wrong. Just at another scenic spot of Zhangjiajie lies Guigu Plank Road(鬼谷栈道), challenging everyone’s nerve. It is a place birds can hardly reach. Not all people can finish the 800 meters plank road on a 1600 meters height. If you think you can just go halfway through the walk, then don’t even start off in the first place— nobody can save you in the middle. No pain no gain, below the one-meter wide plank road is the vertical cliff and the sweeping view of the valley.



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