The Five Carefully Designed Metro Stations in Shanghai

Metro station, as a part of urban landscape, should never be drab. Let the following carefully designed metro stations in Shanghai tell you what public transportation can look like.

#1 Tongji University Station (Line 10)

The design of the metro station subtly fuses the ambiance of the university via the decoration of traditional Chinese painting masterpieces. Additionally, the natural lighting from the window ceiling will direct you to the campus.



#2 Shanghai International Circuit (Line 11)

The station at Shanghai Circuit takes the form of a huge stand, exciting you for the race in advance.



#3 China Art Museum (Line 8)

The red facade of the station echos the appearance of China Art Museum, the former China Pavilion of Shanghai Expo.


#4 Jin’an Temple (Line 2)

The antique fresco in the station adds to the solemnity of the ancient temple.


#5 Haitiansan Road Station (Line 2)

To be honest, the beauty of the station doesn’t lie in its design per se; instead, the sea horizon contributes to the feature. You can even overlook the sea at the station!



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