Shanghai Most Romantic Hotels — Heat Love Up in Shanghai’s Dog Days

#Hotel Massenet At Sinan Mansions Shanghai

Location: No.51, Sinan Rd, Luwan District

Sinan Mansions is the landmark of the French Concession. The hundred year’s old building sends out a French glamour with the European-style interior and lines of plantan in the yard. It is definitely the best choice for gluttons of luxury.


#Le Sun Chine

Location: No.6, Ln 1220, Huashan Rd, Xuhui RD

The love melody flowing out of the phonology takes you back to the old Shanghai of the last century. Transformed from the former residence of a wealthy family, Le Sun Chine delivers an original flavor of Shanghai. No wonder some visitor says he finally find shanghai here. Looking up at the stars, you can enjoy your exclusive romance in the diplomat suites.


#Hotel Indigo Shanghai on The Bund

Location: No.585, North Zhongshan Second Rd

The amazingly modern hotel provides individualized designs for lodgers. Romantic ambiance is inspired by traditional Chinese crafts.  The experience is burnished by a bathtub overlooking the Bund and a pool with a view of the Huangpu River.


The Waterhouse At South Bund

Location: 1-3 Maojiayuan Rd, Huangpu District

It is a boutique hotel with an industrial-influenced design situated within the old Shiliupu dockyard, featuring the idea of romance in Longtang (term referring to old Shanghai’s lanes) . Get away from the traffic and crowds, but still stays in the Bund area.


# Pudi Boutique Hotel 

Location: No.99, Yandang Rd. Huangpu District

Despite all the bustle, the Pudi is an island of tranquility, providing an ideal balance of relaxation and action. Themed by different colors, each floor creates various romantic ambiances. Besides the visual enjoyment, carefully selected aroma changing with seasons adds a  scent of romance to lovers’ experiences there.



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